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A Few Book Reviews

Sheila T.

 "I just read Live On Purpose and found  it to be very informative in giving very easy steps to finding and  beginning your road to living out your life purpose. Many people do not  know how to begin, but this book gives you seven steps. I would give  this book to someone who seeking a beginning in walking out their life  purpose. Personally, it helped me to realize I am [on] track! Research,  having a mentor, and not letting fear get a grip on you are very  important to reaching our goals and purpose. Thank you…, keep doing what  you do! Live On Purpose   

Jamie S., Certified Life Coach - JMS Coaching Services, LLC

 Just finished your book.  Congratulations! You did a great job. Here's just a few quotes that I  love..."Fear can't live in the same body as courage and  confidence."..."Don't allow yourself together stuck doing what you can  do instead of what you were PURPOSED to do."..."Your divine purpose must  be fulfilled because someone else's purpose depends on it. The world is  interdependent, constantly needing each other to survive." So proud of  you for having a vision and following through! 

Gerod F.

 Christina's book has a very straight to  the point practical step by step guide that will definitely assist you  in living your life on purpose. I especially enjoyed the very end of the  book, with the questions that she included to ask ourselves, to give  insight in determining our life's purpose. Excellent Book!! 

Ambria, C., owner of The Makeup Addict

 This book really helped me to discover  my purpose...what I'm supposed to be doing. It was a very quick read,  but packed with so much useful information. I recommend this book to  anyone who is struggling with finding out what they are truly meant to  do on this earth. 

Siedah H.

 Awesome read! Your book answered a lot  of my questions. One question in particular, What are you waiting for? I  was excited before reading the book, but now I'm excited to the next  level! Your book is one of the missing ingredients in my life. Yes, I'm  cooking up something good. Thank you! 

Angela A.

 Chapter 5 pages 14 and 15 have blessed  me already and caused the "ah ha" moment and light bulb to shine  bright.  I am so excited about the rest of the book. I am destined to  live on purpose and I shall!